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Pricing & Terms

The website lists are not up to date, Please contact us for the exact gains on your vehicle.

Standard OBD Stage 1 remap £199
The stage 1 base maps are Developed on the Rolling Road at our DNA Tuning Headquarters. Designed to give you Maximum Power and Fuel efficiency. Each base map is them custom written to meet the needs of your exact vehicle. An OBD Remap is through your Diagnostics port, Stage 1 is for Standard cars with No engine mods at all. Stage 1 Remaps do not include any Datalogging etc, However it is available at extra cost (See Stage 2 and above for details)

Bench flash +£49
(eg: £189 +£49 labour) This mostly for newer vehicles with Serial encryption or "Antitune" We get around this by removing the ecu and reading/ writing directly to the circuit board. 

Immobiliser Removal/ Delete +£49

Speed Limiter add/ Remove +£49

We also offer an ECU cloning service.

ECU's can be posted via Royal Mail Next Day* for most services we offer.

DPF software delete £49 + Physical removal from £149 (on top of remap price)
What we do is we carefully remove the DPF, then "Gut" or remove the "honeycomb filter" that is inside the exhaust housing, cut and weld back along original welds.
We then carefully replace the DPF filter, so that it looks as original and completely standard and is thus an MOT pass, as its a visual inspection. Then we code it out of the software (map it out) Then no more DPF problems, no damaged turbos or engines due to excess back pressure and extra power and fuel economy due to removing a huge restriction

Delete +£49 (Covers most vehicles)
EGR delete + Blanking plate £49 (on top of £189 remap) Exhaust gas recirculation, its to meet new car emissions, but you do not need it for mot emissions, the only thing it does is harm, clogs up your intake pipework and manifold, sometimes get stuck open and flood your engine with exhaust gasses causing very poor running and power loss. And obviously to make the best power you want clean air and fuel, not dirty exhaust gasses. Benefits of removing it are increased fuel economy Increased power Clean intake pipework No expensive EGR repair bills etc

Over Stage 1 Tuning - Accompanying hardware mods are required for everything over stage 1, which we can supply and fit, At additional cost.
This is where it becomes Custom on the Road Mapping, Where we use Advanced Datalogging equipment to record and analyse everything such as Boost, Fuelling, Timing, Charge Temperatures, Throttle Position, Engine Load, Airflow, RPM, Etc etc, importantly Advanced Knock/ Detonation Monitoring Equipment. (not included at stage 1, only Stage 2 and above) Depending on how heavily modified the car is will depend on how long the custom mapping procedure takes, It can take days of driving the car under real world conditions (On the road) Whilst datalogging and writing/ rewriting and adjusting the custom file based on the logs. This will result in the best gains possible from your setup.

Datalogging, Before & after power runs with printouts can be added to a Stage 1 for +£65

Prices bwlow are just for the Remapping and do not include parts or Labour.

Stage 2 mapping £299 (Includes before and after Dyno print) Typical required mods: 
Turbo cars: Exhaust, Intake, Intercooler
Non Turbo: Exhaust, Intake

(We now only undertake Stage 3 and above if we have completed all of the physical alterations, this is due to cars being brought to us with sub standard work and parts) 

Stage 3 mapping £399
(Includes before and after Dyno print) Typical required mods: 
Turbo cars: Exhaust, Intake, Intercooler + Large MAF conversions, Bigger Turbos, Bigger injectors, High Lift Cams etc
Non Turbo: Exhaust, Intake, Cylinder Head Work, Individual throttle bodies etc

Stage 4 mapping £499
(Includes before and after Dyno print) This would be for "Big Power Builds" Things like Turbo Conversions with Forged internals and Lower compression Ratios etc




































Terms & Conditions

The customer must ensure that the vehicle has been maintained in accordance with Manufacturer recommendations including relevant cambelt changes/timing chain maintenance and that it is in full and total road worthy condition. The software will not work if there is a hardware fault proventing it. It is the customers responsibility to ensure their hardware is in perfect working order. The customer is therefore happy to allow his/her vehicle to be Remapped at his/her own personal risk thus absolving Pembrokeshire Remapping of any responsibility should any failure occur. Pembrokeshire Remapping accepts no responsibility for any damage or injury incurred whilst the Remapping is in operation or at anytime after.